Saturday, January 26

Rotten Apple...烂苹果

Rotten Apple! This is the second time it send back to medical checking since I bought it September last year. I can't live without the 'apple', my half life is inside the virtual world. I have been registered as a 'netizen' long time ago, most part of my life was living in the digital world. Now, I'm losing all my connection with friends, family and the whole world eventually. Since the apple taken by the technician this morning, my world is narrows back to four walls space. Sad! sad! sad! Mr. Steve Job, you said Apple is the best computer in this planet! Is that Edinburgh not included in this planet yet? Oh my god, the rotten apple is really annoying and dissapointing (but I still love it ):p May be I should tell this case to Bill Gate, I think collecting rotten apples is the happiest hobby that he does. Hahaha, Mr. Steve Job, I give you three days time to fix my apple, if not.......hehe, then I just wait lohhhhh.

真的是烂苹果,今天我的苹果电脑入厂了!电脑在英国是我的第二生命,它是我的伴侣,它是我的通讯部长,是电影院,是报纸,是字典,是作业,是世界之窗!没有了这粒苹果,我像失去了左右手,失去了伸展出我房间四面墙的时光机。非常糟糕,我是可以没有好的食物吃,但不能没有‘苹果’呀。虽然今天才是苹果离开我的第一晚,但我已失去三魂六魄,不知所措了。晚餐后没戏看,读书时没字典查,早上没有的打电话回家,没有MSN, Facebook, email和Skype, 可怜!我常说我们都活在两个世界:一个是我们现实的世界,一个是虚拟世界,现在看来我活在虚拟世界的时间比较多,尤其在离家乡八千里的爱丁堡。现实上我是离开家乡很远很远,但通过虚拟世界,家乡有像离我只有荧幕前的距离,虽不真实但至少带来少许的安慰。不管别人说虚拟世界会带给我们的只有幻想,但谁又知道里面又可能存在着我们内心里的真实呢?有时候我们真正开心的世界可能就在虚拟里找得到。现实中我们不能选择世界的面貌,但网络里我们可以随意漫游我们喜欢的地方。唉,不管如何,我的苹果烂了是事实,而这一篇部格落是借用朋友的电脑来完成的。希望我的苹果早日康复!

Tuesday, January 22


I am reading the architecture theory about 'Heterotopias' in space this few days. If you know about the term of Utopia, then this word is some kind of opposite meaning. Heterotopia is mean 'other places', a place that different from the places that they try to reflect. This is a concept developed by Foucauldian which included following definition:

"these heterotopias, there might be a sort of mixed, joint experience, which would be the mirror. The mirror is, after all, a utopia, since it is a placeless place. In the mirror, I see myself there where I am not, in an unreal, virtual space that opens up behind the surface; I am over there, there where I am not, a sort of shadow that gives my own visibility to myself, that enables me to see myself there where I am absent"

Sometime we do have two different worlds in our life; the real world and the illusion world that we imagine in mind. Like internet world create 'net-tizen' which is not existed but it is how we live every day: Fcaebook, email, blogs, Friendster, MSN, and Skype. The computer screen has created our second world, for instance. However, the theory is much more complicated than what I've described above. 

基本上我们都会有两种不同的世界:一个是我们生存的真实世界,一个是我们的虚拟世界。而这两个世界有时会同时出现;就如照镜子,当你站在那真是世界看着那在镜子里面的虚幻的自己一样,你并不能否认镜子里的人是你自己,但是‘他’并不能代表真正的你。 哈哈哈,够哲学吧? 着就是我在读建筑理论里的其中的一部分。其实别管是什么建筑学的理论,就当它是一个反省自己的道理就好了。在今天充满引诱,斗争,忙碌和虚幻的世界里,可能有时侯我们也分不清楚何时是现实世界的自己,何时又是镜子里面的自己?可能忙碌一生,到最后只是镜子里面的世界,是虚幻的,是不真实的。可能有时我们能暂时从现实世界中抽离出来,尽情的活在我们自己的镜子里面,但到最后,要生存的是对着镜子的自己。虽然最残酷的是我们现实的世界,但我们除了坦然地面对它并没其他逃离的方法。再不愿意,不喜欢,不甘愿有能怎样呢?日子难过天天过,有很多事情是两面的:瞬间你看可能是一个充满引诱的胴体,再仔细看它不过的捕鱼网而已呀!

Saturday, January 19

long love...爱情长跑

Today a friend sent me a web site link about my senior wedding story. A senior who we have met up in University Malaya Buddhist Society. I am so impress of their wedding, it is so great and romantic. Their have been together since From 6 (you can read their love story in the web site), today, it is almost 8 years loh. Wah, really a long love journey, luckily their married in the end. Haha....after i read their web site, I think about my love story as well. Normally, I am not keen to reveal my love story in front of people; 1st is 'pai sei', 2nd is my 'stock' will be dropped dramatically; 3rd is my love is a very low profile. We have been together since after form 5 as well and both of us are the first partner of each other. And today we have been together seven and half years already, it is unbelievable a long love. It is not easy to keep a long relationship really, I also do not expect any kind of ending when I was engage with her; What I always say is we will appreciate every single moment while we still in love, we will love each other every moment while we still together, no need to worry the future or the past. I can not predict what will be happened tomorrow, but at least we have true love today. It's sound like very ideal right?? But I really do. Luckily, until today both of us still together even a lot of challenge we have to pass through. So, thanks to her passion and confidence on me and I would like to wish my senior has a nice married life forever. 

马大佛学会的学长,尤东伟结婚啦! 恭喜恭喜!又看到一个学长成家了,不知不觉我也到了这个成家的年龄层了。但有为什么人总是要结婚呢?(若这一问题被我妈发现了,我又会被捉去两个小时家训)我知道结婚是很多女生的一大梦想,是很多女生向往的;你知道为什么吗?哈哈,因为结婚的 ‘婚’ 是 ‘女’和‘昏’ 的结合(说到这里我一定又被许多‘女’朋友骂了)。维持一段长跑爱情都不简单了,要步入婚姻更需要勇气和信心,东伟和他的妻子都做到了,非常了不起!有一句话说:人一共有四次出生;第一次是从娘胎出世;第二次是初恋;第三次就是结婚;第四次是为人父母时。这四个阶段都是我们一生中最大的角色转变。每一个的转变就如刚出世的小孩,需要时间的耐性地从新学习起担演其角色。另一个角度看,每次的出生也就是提升我们责任的时候。对我来说还蛮压力的,我承认我现在还没有准备好。所以我都很佩服和欣赏步入婚姻组织家庭的情侣们,你们真棒!请别忘记结婚过后要好好加油‘做人’咯,记得为马来西亚社会做出人口比例的贡献哟。好,祝福天下有情人终成眷属。

尤东伟幸福网站(wedding web site link) :

Friday, January 18


My first draft of mapping

The following content is under category 18 PL:

if you are not architecture student you won't know what I'm saying and will make your kepala 'Ong Ong' ; If you are architecture student you will more serious, might be will vomit blood because of wanna to find out what is it. The weeks I really fill trouble in reading Architecture Theory and do presentation on my site. Sometime, I am confused i am a philosopher or an architect? The first thing I have to due with is about mapping , just kind of site analysis. Not like UM, where site analysis is collect fact and data (like lamp poles, man hole, drainages, and TNB drawings) but here is do something you can't seen, can't touched, can't read......just can think it in my mind only! And the terms their used are so abstract like cloud on the sky. I would like to share some theories that I've learnt this week with you:

1. City can map it in a skill called RHIZOME; like happened to Little Hand of children, about purest: they kept on 'breaking his RHIZOME and BLOTCHING his MAP', setting it straight for him,blocking his every way out,until he began to desire his own shame and guilt,until they had rooted shame in him.  ??????? vomit blood once!
2."Drunkenness as a triumphant irruption of the plant in us." ????vomit blood twice!
3. Write, form a rhizome, increase your territory by deterritorialization extend the line of flight to the point where it becomes an abstract machine covering the entire plane of consistency???? no blood to vomit already!

Nevertheless I try to come out a draft of my presentation by this week which was the image above. I really felt pening kepala and I had insomnia this few days as well. All the philosophy was automatically coming out every time I sleeping. 


Tuesday, January 15

MCA Blogger...布格落政客

I just started my blog before I coming to the UK, the first intention was to record my journey toward here. Now, I found the blog have much more functions that I've thought; its not only a website that I keep contact with my old friends, and a space for me to share my experiences, in the same time its a space for me to know myself well. Blog is part of the record of our life, and sometime it would represent your personality and behavior. Therefore, I like to read others blogs when I have free time; and in fact it is very interesting that we can read so many different perspectives, opinions, and funny funny stories in different blogs. And recently I found a blog which is written by a MCA sate representative (in Chinese), it is so pity that he have  been scolded by people like shit in his blog, and it is so funny....hahahaha.....this is one of the good things in blog, we even can scold people which we can not do it in reality world, or we can see how stupid the politicians are in Malaysia as well. 

我是来英国前才开始写这个布格落,当初出发点非常单纯,只是为了能把我这趟的旅程纪录下来以能够和远方的朋友分享我的故事。但今天却让我发现布格落里有更多功能:它不只能分享我们的想法还能够看到自己的生活;所以我开始点阅朋友们的布格落来连系友谊,或者能进一步了解他们现在的生活。而我发现越来越多年轻的朋友都有阅读布格落的习惯,甚至有许多政治人物也开始写布格落来发表他们的伟论,林吉祥,黄泉安等等都是布格落的佼佼者。但是许多其他的政治人物也开始学人家写起布格落来,最明显的是许多马华议员都设立了本身的网站。可悲的是很多都是肚子里没有几滴墨水,有些不写还好,写了更暴露自己愚昧。今天我看了一个议员的布格落~强仔,我立刻吐血于电脑荧幕上 ,因为他的‘真诚’,所以显得他的天真。他真的非常可怜,差不多每一个留言都是被骂的,有些网友甚至不给面的骂他白痴(虽然我也觉得有一点),真的唔衰罗来衰!唉,我们‘可敬’的议员们,请你们高台贵手在议会里乱讲话就好,别在网络上没头没脑的让全世界华人见笑了。但无论如何我还是会欣赏你们的勇气和诚意,拿督们,加油吧!

“ 強仔 ” 部落格 ~ “ 志 ” 布格落网址:  记得看网友们的’意见‘唷!

Sunday, January 13

Architect drama...建筑有情天

It is not familiar to have an Hong Kong drama storied on architects' background. Mostly, HK drama like to show drama about Doctors, Lawyers, police lah and even fire fighters; I don't know why, may be people thought architect do not have a strong identity to show? Not like doctor wearing white coat, lawyer wearing fake hair and all in black; Architect always has an weird impression to people, we don't have a formal dresses but most of us like to wear thicker glasses, bow tie, black shirt and stylish face look may be. And what we always do is draws, draws and draws! Seem like workaholic, over time workload, stubborn, and egotistic are stereotyped in Architect profession. Luckily, I found one HK drama which storied in architects, but sadly was its more interested in love story, anyway, I like the drama most and it is one of the rare dramas I able to finish from 1 to the End. In fact, Architects is a very interesting career because of the creativeness, challenging and the personal expression. Sometime we act as artist, sometime as a businessman, and sometimes like a academic, just depend of what you like to be and what you can to be! There are no only one answer in architecture world but most of the time we create the answer. 

在英国这段日子,一直以来都少看香港连续剧的我竟然成了是每天的娱乐,同时也让我发现到连续剧在我们空虚生命里的‘伟大’!一般上的感觉香港剧很少会提到建筑师这个职业,通常都喜欢以医生《妙手仁心》,律师《律政新人王》,《列火雄心》,什么飞上云天或ICAC....总之就少有关建筑师。但是说真的,建筑师这个题材不好做,一般人对它认识并不深。就象每当有人问祖母我是读什么的,她会说:“哦,我孙子是画工仔的。” 我的天呀!我们主要是做设计和规划的,任何建筑工程都会有建筑师在事前设计,我们是第一个下笔在那建筑的人。就象生‘孩子’的母亲:从纸上的第一笔,描绘,呈现,施工到它建成,那个过程是很震撼的;看着自己笔下的图实实在在地建立在这地球其中的一个角落,那是一种满足感。建筑师可说是给灵魂建筑的人,但是发展商(出钱的)肯定是给它出不出生的人。所以我们有很多精彩的画面多数在思考世界里,用形式上有时会难以表答。〈建筑有情天〉这套算是我第一次看到的建筑为题材的连续剧,内容轻松,是值得一看的小品(但我相信里面的爱情故事更吸引人)。戏里也让我们看到,建筑人与建筑人之间会有一份特殊情感,可以是大家对建筑的热诚,欣赏和语言;也可以是对建筑的坚持和斗争,更可以是对建筑的妒嫉与憎狠,这也是建筑吸引人的地方。同时也希望我们所有读建筑的朋友别轻易忘记:建筑是有社会责任的原则。


Thursday, January 10

Does woman doing wrong...女人错了吗

 Hillary Clinton                 Mrs.Bhutto                            Mrs. No
After man now I wanna to talk about woman. Woman is the one who man never ever understood in term of what their thinking of, what their planing to and what their wanted. Their are so mysterious for man and dangerous for man too. Sometime their would like to share their world to man but their are the greatest competitor to man as well. 

Hillary Clinton is the woman who challenging a few guys, she just have a cry and she won the little election. You see, a tear of a woman can bit few big men. Emotional for woman is nothing wrong where this is their absolute right to do so and it is the ultimate weapon for them. Another woman who have been suicided by bomb, Banazir Bhutto the former Prime Minister of Pakistan who considered as the biggest threat  to the Pakistan government, and she been killed. You see, a woman voice can be made the whole country down to bloodshed. Talking for women is nothing wrong, because it is their right and a hobby too. So, man please don't blame your lovely girl friend talk so much thing to you, this is how they judge you how much care you have taken to her. The last one is the woman that I don't know who her name is? She is the one who have sex scandal with Dr. Chua, our Minister of Health. You see, sexiness of a woman can be kicked down a Minister in Malaysia. Sexy for women is nothing wrong as well, because it is what man like to the woman. So, woman does nothing wrong at all, anything wrong is just because of man; Anything going wrong man is the one who have to admit the wrong, if does not do it so, man is absolute wrong!


Saturday, January 5

Does man doing wrong...男人错了吗

Because of Dr. Chua Soi Lek, I have a lot of discussions and arguments with my friends on the night out issue. Does man completely wrong if they night out? Can any man say he never ever think about night out? I don't know the answer, but confirm that it should be different views between girls and boys!  Girl will never understand totally how the boy thinks and boy either. 


Thursday, January 3


     Dato' Narzi Dato' Mustafa                    Dato' Chua
This week many incidents around me were involve ministers. Two ministers have been visited us in  Edinburgh. The first one was Minister of Prime Minister (Law), Dato' Narzri; He is quit famous in Malaysia because of his behavior in Parliament, you can check it in Youtube and you will know that. He has a dinner with us and has a small Q&A session. I asked him about the local media which controlled by government confusing people. Luckily, he didn't shout at me :p The second Minister was the Minister of Higher Education, Dato' Mustafa, he has a lunch with us on the 1st day of 2008. He has a long conversation with us and I've been asking a lot of questions, mostly about the quality of lecturers in local universities. And the last one was Minister of Health, Dato' Dr. Chua Soi Lek, he doesn't has any meal with me and I don't have any conversation with him, because he doesn't has mood in eating and too many questions already from media.....

原来在外国见官比本身的国家来的容易,我在马大酱多年半的部长都没看过,更不用说有什么交流;而在英国在短短一个星期内,既然有两个部长相约吃饭。不知是部长们害怕进来马大(怕太多问题被问),还是看不起自己国家的大学生?或者是顺便来英国倒数度假?我也是第一次与部长级的人有酱近距离的接触,当然我也不放过此机会踊跃发问他们咯。不过有更进新闻的你都知道首相署部长纳兹里是国会里出名的‘流氓’,他在国会发表的行为真的是大马一大奇观。在场我问他关于吉隆坡大示威新闻,为什么本地媒体给不同的报导而且给读者们混淆?哈哈,还好他并没有因为我的发问向我咆哮,当然他的回答也就跟一般的官腔没太大的分别。另一位高等教育部长却比较有亲切感,所提问的问题和意见他都很耐性的解答和给合理的意见。他也很重视我们所提的建议,而这次的会面里大家都踊跃发问,感觉不错! 最后一位就是我跟他在网络上见面,可惜的是他并没看见我,也没有请我吃饭,更没有给我发问任何问题;可是对他的了解却是最多,他就是因性丑闻而下台的卫生部长。他也是最不幸的一个,因为他犯了成龙大哥的“天下男人都会犯的错”,而且还被天下人知道了。但他还有值得张扬的地方,那就是敢于承认错误而辞职,这比好多犯了错死不认的政客来的负责任。