Sunday, October 28

Poland trip...22 Oct to 2 Nov

Third days:

Second day : Today we went to the Warsaw Socialist town, it created during the Socialist Government. However, Poland is not longer a communist country anymore, the building just become a memorial for the people. 波兰留了许多二战后共产主义的建筑。虽然今天波兰已是一个资产主义国家,但那充满苏联味道的建筑依然丛立如初。在新旧建筑互相交替之下,波兰城市显得求变心切。这从战争废墟中从新建立的城市,波兰民族不屈不挠的精神让我非常敬佩,感动。其实,我们真的不容易了解他们正真的感受;一群被历史开了许多玩笑的民族,只有无奈地接受历史,忍痛地一次一次把家园从战争中建立起来。

First day in Warsaw: This city was very famous during the two World Wars. During the World War II, 85% building of the city destroyed and more 70% population killed. However, the city still alive after the war and she become bigger and stronger, the spirit of the Warsaw people never die. I fell very amazing that the people able to reconstruct and settle again in this destroyed city 60 years ago. The war have been bring a tremendous harmful experiences for the people, but in the same time, it show how brave and strong the Warsaw people are for their country. In fact, it was very cold here, just around 0 to 5 degree, and the food here not really tasty. Anyway, it is a very historical city for us to explore and studied.

Monday, October 22

Nice Land Lady...包租婆

Today my landlady came to visit us in the flat. You might feel unbelievable, she is a Malaysian that same hometown as me, Ipoh as well. The UK is so big but in the end I stay in a Malaysian owner house. She is a very nice landlady, she brought me to a Malaysian restaurant here and treated me Malaysian Laksa, Chao Gui Tiao, and Roti Canai as well. This is my first time to have Malaysian food in Edinburgh. The restaurant is very 'Malaysian', even the song in there is what we always hear in Malaysia. It make me so home sick! Beside, she taugh me a lot of living skills here. She said she very understand my situation now just like what she just arrived here many years ago. She also brought me a lot of foods before she leave. 在那么遥远的地方,我竟然巧合地找到马来西亚的包租婆,真的想不到。她也是来着怡保,十年前到来这个地方。她带我去马来西亚餐厅吃许多马来西亚食物。配上我耳熟能详周华健的歌,想家的念头突然涌上来了。看到所有眼前熟悉的食物,品尝着熟悉的味道,听着熟悉的歌曲,真的以为我就只身在家了 。可是回过神来,又无可奈何地知道家离我很远很远。不知何时何日我才能在家吃着抄果条,听周华键的歌呢?

My landlady--Mrs.Lim

Saturday, October 20

Selamat Hari Raya...聚餐

Today our EMSA (Edinburgh Malaysian Association) was hold a Hari Raya open house in school's hall. It is amazing to celebrate Hari Raya out of Malaysia, and it was felt good to meet many Malaysians in the hall. At last, I wish all the Muslims in Malaysia happy Hari Raya. 爱丁堡马来西亚学生联谊会今天举行开斋节庆典,除了要祝福所有回教徒外,最重要是他们准备了很多马来西亚食物。哈哈,今天我的午餐不用烦啦!
This was the hall that we have our open house

a lot of Malaysian food, niceeee!
Membaca doa dalam dewan university

Thursday, October 18

Concrete Workshop... studio 1

Take a break in lunch time
Our work and my team mate

The workshop was to use fabric as a form casting material for concrete. It is interesting to cast the concrete with the material that able to shape many possibilities & organic form; The most challenge for the project was to understand well the characteristic of the material such as different type of fabrics and concrete, second was to control in shaping the concrete such as frame and form works. Anyway, I have learnt a lot of crafting skills in this project such like how to use all the hardware devices, machines & material as well. This kind of construction method will give the concrete casting a new idea and borderline to explore in design of walls, columns, or beams. By the way we will have the final review 2 weeks later and today we consider done the last final cast.

Saturday, October 13

Friday simple life...简单生活

Time passing slowly and slowly. One week again in Edinburgh. Since I have settled down and my life just like store in a programme. I just almost repeat it everyday or weekly,it is systematic. The diary life here is very simple, nothing amazing or spacial, just keep working hard in learning and living, but it is very meaningful to me; at least I really know how to face the truth and myself, as we known : Less is more... 好久没过这样规矩的平淡生活了,这里并没有所谓的紧张,也没有精彩绝伦;只有学习和普通生活。但对我来说意义非凡,感觉这生活很如实,真正地面对着自己的生活。睡觉,饮食,上学,洗衣,打扫。。。生活不是就那么的简单吗?

Sunday, October 7

Trip to Glasgow...旅游篇1

12 stories high Cinema
Street performer - who are we?
Glasgow most happening street-Buchanan district

Yesterday, I went to Glasgow to visit my old friend who been working at TRHY. The city located the biggest city in Scotland. Very contrast with Edinburgh, here crowed with many people,many cars,business centers and noisy. No really has big different with Kuala Lumpur in term of city sense; modern building, branded shopping shop,pollution, 'samsing' and etc. Big city away hide her own identity to the back street. The main street like a performance stage, and everyone look each other just like looking at a performed actor.Haha... There are nothing truth on the street. But undoubtedly,the street can be belong to anyone who walk on it.

Friday, October 5

Night View of Edinburgh...夜景

Edinburgh Friday night Old Museum 
Edinburgh University -night view

After I given a talk in Buddhist Society, I walked alone on the street. I walked with no purpose, just want to see how the Edinburgh look like at the night. The weather was so cold and today is Friday night, the street crowded by many people. Expectedly, the bars, restaurants and clubs were very happening. But, anyway I still walked on the street alone, I stopped at the T-junction for 15 minute and then just looked at the street. The cars came and gone, in this old city I feel lonely and I'm just like not belong to this city; my home is so far from me. Ya, it is really lonely cold night anyway......

Tuesday, October 2

Third weeks....I am so stupid!

I am so stupid! Now i only found out that I totally don't know how to use oven & microwave. Due to my cooking skills is terrible and I don't want to test my cooking Kung Fu again, then I have to choose others cooking methods to prepare my food. My buddha! after I bought all the microwave food, and I stand in front the microwave and look at it.....alamak, I don't know how to open the microwave, and how do put the food in. In the end, I need a friend to teach me how to operate all this stuff, very malu!