Wednesday, November 26

Your English is too bad...你的英文太烂

好一个黄明志,有一次用他特有的turbo来制造骚乱,这次他用歌骂华教,骂KL, 骂教育政策,骂国家。虽然我不能100%认同歌曲里面的内容,可是我还是非常欣赏他的音乐才华,也觉得没有什么太坏。许多人都说他的作品不雅,歌词粗俗,但又如何?难道那些在国会里面说话‘优雅’的人才是正常?他们才是好人?这是Bullshit. 


只有不够成熟的民族才需要政府‘大人’来告诉我们什么应该看什么不应该看,什么是对什么是错,谁是坏人谁是好人。。。这都是fucking bullshit!

Tuesday, November 18

What i have been doing now!?为人父母者

What i been doing those days? i have no word to say, just busy on studio design stuff! Recently, my programme is designing the construction detail of the marriage complex. The complex seem like my little baby, I am its designer, I have to think every single column and beam to build it up, it just like a mother have to think all the method to grow her baby, she has to think every single meal, milk, wearing and so on everyday. 

As a designer, I have to think how to solve all those building problem: how the ramp connect to second the best way to construct the wall? how the best way to respond the climate.....It just like mother have to think to solve all her children's problem: how to make her children happy and safety? and what the best way to give them education? What is the best way to teach them adapt in the society.

As a designer, I have to plan everything for the building: who will going to use them, how to use? what programme inside? how long to be used.......Just like mothers: she planning everything for the good of us: how much money needed for education? Which primary school to go? Learn piano or go to swimming? So much things have to concern.

So now you will know better what is architect doing right? Why does architect always say they are busy? It is because we act like mother, just like her job: 24 hours, 7 days. Caring and concerning is a non-break job. Maybe sometimes you will tired on it or may be sometime you will angry on your job, but still you can't ignore your baby, no matter how he look like.

Saturday, November 8

Yes, We Can!...奥巴玛

One of the human history but not just USA was achieved with our witnesses, a Black man become a President in a white dominated country, first ever in USA history so as in western history. Does Obama become a president bring any meaning to us? What will we affected or gained form his presidency? NO, I think i will get nothing form his career, but one thing very important is he giving us a hope, a dream and an encouragement: Yes, We Can!

Different people has his own different destination to go, but believe on Yes, You Can! is the first thing that we have to believe in. Obama realized the dream of millions of people who have been contributed their blood, tears, and courage on democracy, on justice and on the races war. 40 years ago Jr. Martin Luther King gave a speech say " I have a dream", and today we see the dream have realized by Americans, all Americans. I am lucky to witness this historical moment in my life, indeed this is just a beginning for us, for Malaysia's people who hold hand by hand, to create our Malaysia's Dream, a dream that no races barrier any more in our lovely land.