Tuesday, April 29

Don't be too CNN...做人别‘太’CNN

I think most of you have been watched on this tube: "Don't be too CNN" in mandarin performed by  China's singer. The song reveals the creditability of CNN has gone when its show the Lasar riot with 'others' photos and pictures, and it repeated over and over again in news. Does CNN try to turn the lie into truth? or CNN try to influence all people in the world say China Chinese as ''goons and thugs" and the Chinese products "junk" like what CNN  commentator Jack Cafferty said? Haha...I dunno, I think all the medias in the world are almost similar, it just depend how serious its 'CNN' was, even CCTV in China, TV3 in Malaysia or BBC in the UK, their are no doubt 'have' to bias their country or protect their 'faces'. Therefore, i think the song creator is very smart, she uses "Don't be TOO CNN", but not just "Don't be CNN", that is mean we 'can' CNN, but not "too CNN'' get it?

做人别太CNN?对虽然人总是有私心但别偏私的太‘出面’,不然帮不了自己人还会被对方臭骂一顿。试问有那家媒体不偏私?可能只是程度上的问题而已,中国CCTV,马来西亚TV3到英国的BBC都会有偏私的一面。若如此,最大的受害者还是观众们,有时我们真的不懂还能相信谁,连国际媒体都不能全信了。但我认为每个媒体都可信,都可别信;若要更全面客观去了解事情绝对不能只取信于从单一的媒体,而要参考多种不同的资源,BBC和CCTV都要看,若还弄不清楚还可以参考马来西亚TV3或是网上论坛,现代的时代资讯多的是呢!哈哈,我每天醒来第一件事就是开电脑看大马新闻(来自六家各不同的媒体)因为我怕被骗嘛:p 每次有朋友要跟我‘争论’一些事件,我总是上网再三的考察资料的来源,然后再讨论。(可能是我以前是辩论手吧,习惯了)当然就算我看完了世界所有的资料我也会有所私心,保护自己想想保护的,在老外面前我也会保护我的国家尊严,也会保护华人的颜面;但真正能够保护尊严颜面的是我们对事情的正义感和深切的了解分析,是开明理智的辩论,而不是‘泼妇’骂架,或像极端份子地的黑白不分;所以做人可以CNN,但不可‘太’CNN。

Saturday, April 26

I am a President....我当主席了


I became a President of Buddhist Society of Edinburgh Society today. To me I would like to thank all of them who has been given me encouragements, supports and guidances for the last whole year. I'm full of confident of the new committee team members on their contribution in the coming time. Cheers for our brighter society time! The new committee for 2008-09 as follow:

President: Axxu Jungwai Hoi
Vice President: William Haw
Secretary: Haow Kang Tee
Treasurer: Foyan Huang
Social Secretary: Lena Pokorny
Webmaster: Michael Chan


Thursday, April 24

I got a job....我找到工了

My latest studio work- wedding complex in Warsaw, Poland 

Yeah! I got a job in an architect firm. It is really 'small' practice, how small it is? Haha.....it is one man firm, but as long as I got the job and get a good 'pay' it is doesn't matter la. Actually it is not easy to find a job here as I mentioned in my previous blog. I have been sent out almost 20 emails and wait until the second week then only have one luck. I walked 1 KM and went for two hours interviews with the architect; But luckily he offer me the job finally. hihi.....you might interested on how much he pays me here right? Sorry, it is business secret:p 


Wednesday, April 23

BBC Talk: Mahathir Mohamad VS Stephen Sackur.

Click and watch the  interview on  BBC's iPlayer

Tun Mahahir have been invited by BBC on the Hard Talk programme. The programme really hard talk for Dr.M, a lot of sensitive issues like racial-base policies, ISA arrested, Anwar issues and Pak Lah, the conversation was so tension. Dr.M very 'smart' to deny Stephen Sackur critical question, and he still remain a strong man habit which was dare to shot back anything he can. No matter you agree or not, he is a smart, intelligent and sharp person, he is the most out spoken leader in third-world country. Even he has done a lot of 'mistake' to our country, but please don't forget he brought us to the international stage, he is the one who leaded Malaysia into modern world. Here some of the highlight on the interview:

1. Sackur charged "if people were to voice out against you then, they would be arrested. “Hundreds of people were arrested?”
 Tun Dr. Mahathir’s instant response, “Who are they? Prove it!"

2. “We all made mistakes. Just like the British people made a mistake by putting a liar like Blair to power”.

3. “It was a leader (US?) of a democratic country who dropped atomic bombs”.

4. “I am not anti-western, I’m against the bad things done by the western countries,” 

5. “The British used to call us lazy Malays, incompetent Malays, untrustworthy Malays. We couldn’t say a thing about you, so when I was in a position to say what I think about you, and then said it, you don’t like it. When you say it to us, you expect us to like it, we don’t like it but we don’t have a way for our voice to be heard,” 

6." The NEP....that it was a necessary step to correct the imbalances that existed since the British days.

Hehe....Just take a look how Dr.M shots back the British in Britain's BBC!

Monday, April 21

Boycott Olympic...杯葛奥运?

I glad to know the torch run in Kuala Lumpur has done in peacefully. However, boycotting Olympic still a hot issue in the western countries since like the rough of CNN, torch run disrupted in Paris, protests in London and China boycott France's product and so on. The whole world seem shaken by the Beijing's game, people seem like shocked by the breaking news on torch chain; But do we really agree to boycott this boycott that? 

Okay, let we see what actually the boycott mean? BOYCOTT actually it was a name of Captain Charles Boycott in Britain, 1880's. If you read in wikipedia then you will know what the 'bad' thing he had done on that time and caused he so famous until people use his name as abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with someone or some other organization as an expression of protest. That is why the concept of 'Boycott' was came from western culture, in oriental we can call it 'Not given face'. So, western people boycott an event is way for them to express their disagree in one thing, however, it not that easy for eastern people to understand the really meaning of Boycott in the west. Nevertheless, even China government has done a lot of 'wrong' things  on human right,  but since the conceptual of boycott won't be easy understand by the China culture, so it won't help anything. Some more it will causing a lot more others diplomatic problem between China and the world, in the end it will cause the problem more and more complicated. Don't boycott Olympic, it is nothing help to change China; but don't forget the 'bad' things that they have done, we want it to be solved in one day peacefully.

杯葛一词是出现于西方世界,是英国两百年前一位上校的名字Charles Boycott,由于他那时候干了很多坏事,所以慢慢地被身边所有人‘杯葛’,邮差不送信给他,没有人要帮他工作,没有人愿意跟他做生意,因此BOYCOTT就成了今天所谓的抵制了。对西方人来说,杯葛是他们对一件事情不满的表态,这种是比‘对抗’来的更和平更温和,是西方人一直认同的表态方式。杯葛只是对某件事情不理不睬,不交易,不关心等等,是没有‘破坏’的恶意,而是做回自己应本有的平常的生活。不理不睬过回自己平常的生活是个人的自由;如果他们是杯葛奥运的话,那么他们就不当有奥运的存在,不看它的节目,不理它的新闻,过着‘本来无一物’的日常生活,这是‘杯葛’的意思。可是在东方的思维来说‘杯葛’就是‘不给脸’,是一种莫大的侮辱,就如我请客,可是你不来不赏面,就是与我过不去,可是重罪呀!可是西方人的思维却是去不去宴会是我的个人自由,请客的人也不会觉得你不出席不礼貌,与他过不去,很平常呀。(所以我常常被老外放飞机)这样子东西方的误会就因此而产生了。我首先不说应不应该杯葛奥运,但要去先了解杯葛在东西方的思维上不同,这样才能够客观的去了解明白‘杯葛的意义’和‘不杯葛的理由’。

Friday, April 18

Summer Job...搵食艰难!

This long long summer holiday I am not going to go back to Malaysia even though I miss it a lot. Why? Haha....because I going to work a replacement job here. Ideally, working in architect firm is my priority, however the situation is looking a job is unbelievable difficult here. May be it is my individual case, I've sent out at least 15 emails to varies architect firms in Edinburgh, the lists were gotten form the internet. Two weeks later, I didn't get any response, it is so worrying! Actually architecture job is not easy to get in Edinburgh as well, because most of the 'big' firm operate in major city, here more of small practices. Moreover, my profile was not 'excellent' and I don't have a wise network here. I have no idea which firm got vacancy or what the company profile is? But I just keep trying to find as much as possible. 

The good news was today I received an email said they very interested on my portfolio and application, and make an appointment for interview next week. But don't happy so early, it is not confirm yet until we meet up. Anyway, I found the looking job process is not as easy as my expectation, it is a great lesson for me indeed.




Tuesday, April 15

China or Western?...左右为难

Today I went to international student gathering in Edinburgh 'old,old' library. There I met up some China students and the hottest issues that interests both of us sure the Tibetan issue la.

Unsurprisingly China people support their government to gain a 'proper' solution on the crackdown, I admit that China have to stand strong to against the incident before it spread uncontrollably. However, I am not agree China government disclaims the incident was plotted by Dalai Lama (without any evidence) and not allows any  international media get in to China to do a report. In other hand, I not agree western people just using their own perspective (human right) and culture value apply on China, it create a lot of misunderstanding and the important thing is not fair to China government and people. China has her own value and culture to be considered, but Western people have never tried to understand what the value is. 

And now, I'm facing a problem: China people say I support Western more than China, especially support Dalai Lama; In the other hand, my Western friend say I more like China man who support the China government taken action on Tibet.  OMG,  as my principle I know this is a politic, what I try to do is to understand both culture, value and perspective, I'm not bias or overweight any party, I am high educated person, my view won't be controlled by any single source, I always try to critic issue with macro-perspective; I am not western or eastern, I support the fact and the truth whatever contribute peace and love among people, this is my only principle. 


1。西方人不因该用西方人的价值观去看中国,不可一味地喊自己的人权;若爱 西藏要先去了解西藏人的文化和价值观,去探讨西藏人究竟真的要如西方人似的争取独立吗?如果连西藏人的文化信仰都不了解,如何协助他们?若说中国破坏了西藏着块圣地,那么西方价值观就污染了西藏人的心灵。


3。不可一概而论,不是全部西藏人都搞破坏,不是所有中国人都保守,也不是所有西方人都重‘人权’ (美国打伊拉克是人权?)。所以有时要保持一定的理智,而不是噌恨,噌狠解决不了问题,智慧才能解决问题,才能看到问题所在。没有事情是十全十美的。


就这样西方人说我亲中国,中国人说我亲达赖喇嘛,左右为难!我不亲谁,我这样的小角色其实对整个局势也起不了作用。我最亲的是马来西亚 :p 因为马来西亚是多元种族共存的国家,是一个爱好和平的小小国家,哈哈。。。马来西亚,能!

Sunday, April 13

Racist in UM...马大的败类

Surat in adalah dikeluar oleh Prngerusi MPMUM, Majlis Perwakilan Mahasiswa, or a Student Association. The highlight quote was very exhibit racist attitude:

"Janganlah kita menjadi golongan yang lupa asal usul sehinggakan kita akan ditindas oleh kaum-kaum yang lain".

"Saya juga menyeru kepada semua mahasiswa Melayu supaya kita sedia menghadapi sebarang kemungkinan yang akan berlaku memandangkan kebangkitan rakyat hari ini adalah bermula dari kaum bukan Melayu."

"Jangan kita leka sehingga musuh dalam selimut menikam kita. Jangan disebabkan kita Malaysia jatuh ke tangan yang tidak sepatutnya".

This is the student who voted to lead Mahasiswa IN UNIVERSITY MALAYA? What was he try to say and to do? He want Malay to fight with Chinese and Indian? It is so ridiculous! Kita semua anak Malaysia, kita yang membina negara yang cinta ini bersama-sama, orang yang racist macam itu yang hancur kecintaan antara kaum. Orang ni betul-betul bodoh and radical, I dun understand why HEP allow this kind of statement be published, do they support the racist statement like that? 

This is why our country can not move forward and always far behind others countries. Supposedly cooperation and unitedness can be formed peacefully and harmony among the people, just because of some narrow minded leaders who use the racist issues to gain their own politic profit destroy our country.

I am a Malaysian, I am a ex-student of Univeristy Malaya, I love my country and Malays friends, I don't know what I can do for it but I won't be compromised on his attitude and statement. Ini betul-betul MALU, MALU, dan MALU!



Friday, April 11

spain 6 days trip...Madrid马德里,part III

4. Plaza de Toros 斗牛场

Toros meaning the bull fighter in Spanish, no doubt it is a very very brutal game in our civilization, it not only hurting the animals but the people also. But sometime we can't really say this is a game, for Spanish, this is a national culture this is a glory, it represent brave,honor, and fighting art.  


5。07 Plaza de la Cibeles, Fuente de Neptuno, Paseo y Museo del Prado博物馆街

I call it as 'museum street' because have 4 to 5 museum and galleries. Beside that many people line up to get in the museum place especially toung people, it show how passion people love art, history and music. But after a while i been told that the museum was free entrance after certain hour. Haha....oh I see! 

p/s: travel tips: suggest you to buy souvenir in this area, it is cheaper and much more choices than others places.

6。Stadium for Real Madrid 马德里球会

我不是一个爱看球的人,但我也听闻过Real Madrid的大名,全球最多球星的球会。一睹它的真面目还真的有那股大将之风呢!

7。Last Sunday 最后星期天

最后一天的早上起来,也不知道要去那里逛,该去的也去了,所以我们就‘建议’(其实是没有意见)无目标的走走,看看星期天的马德里是怎样子的?原来星期天的街道像一座死城,99%的商店都没开;再想想星期天里,教堂活动因该是最活跃吧,我们也就进去其中一间教堂里和当地人一起沙弥,还听了整一个小时半的西班牙语耶稣。过后我们继续往大街的方向走去,渐渐响起的人潮声让我们对接下来的节目有找‘着落’。哗,这里满街都是小孩,有的骑脚车,有的唱歌栽舞,而大人呢有的三五成群谈天看报纸,这里还有舞台剧呢,真的好不热闹!原来星期天果然是他们的Family day。


Wednesday, April 9

spain 6 days trip...Madrid马德里,part II

Of course, everyone visit Madrid MUST SEE the listed attraction spot. I will share with you as bellow places:

1. Window shopping at Gran Via 

The most lively street in the city, 'Gran Via' in Spanish meaning 'Great Road'. This street can show most of the local culture here, like Tapas restaurant, shopping malls, movie theaters, and gift shops; It crowed by people most of the time, sometime you might a group of youth singing together or cheers up for their idol (in front of the movie theaters.) TRAVEL TIP: Please don't buy any souvenir here, especially from the hawkers, the price is much more expensive!!

若以西班牙文来翻译此街就是‘大街’。 这条街可说是融合西班牙人从古到今的生活文化,新旧建筑的交替不停地发生在这1904年策划的大街里。两旁的或新或旧的‘建筑们’如家里的成员,老长辈带着年青的晚辈见证这里发生的大小事,每天看管着来来往往的过客,审查着每个人的心情,寂寞,亢奋。大大小小的歌舞剧场表现出这个民族对艺术的热爱,也可能是要对现实生活的抽离;积满人群的小吃店里表现出人与人之间的依赖,这里任何一个角落都能安抚害怕寂寞的心灵。对我们来说这里只是旅程中的其中一个景点,但对西班牙人来说这里是他们生活中不可分割的一部分。你可以喜欢它,也可以讨厌它,但却不可以不体会它的繁华。

Statue become part of the building, part of the the street, part of their life 
The local most iconic 'pub', don't miss it when you travel here. Have to try the typical Spanish's life here, you will find something amazing. 

2. Palacio Real

The words mean Royal Palace of Madrid, official residence of the King of Spain. It considered as a the largest royal palace in western Europe, it consists 2,800 rooms. If you really like the grand architecture or royal history, here is the great place for you to visit. Properly you have to spend over 2 hours here. 

3.Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor is the most famous square in Madrid, it surrounded by red, browned building. People sit on the floor, performers sing and dance at the centre, and restaurants built to enclose the square. We had our lunch in the plaza and we have an enjoyment  two and half hours here. 

Plaza Major 是马德里最出名的广场,广场四周被古典风味的建筑物包围着,里面就像是一个大礼堂,只是没有盖顶的大礼堂。我们在这里用了我们的午餐,悠悠地坐在充满音乐,文艺广场中,欣赏着西班牙的传统美酒,无不是一间人生大乐事。但当我注意到演艺者里头有位老伯伯冒着热热的太阳,载歌载舞地表演着,演完一首又一首的歌曲,然后再向观众讨钱;面对这样的演艺者我们应该用如何的心情去看待他们呢?若在柬埔寨我们可怜那些在旅游区逗卖首饰品的小孩们,那在西班牙广场卖艺的老人家们呢?最后我决定给了他几角钱然后要求与他拍照,他灿烂的笑容就因此纪录在我的部格落里了。




Tuesday, April 8

spain 6 days trip...Madrid 马德里

Night view on the main street, 'Grand Via'

After another tow hours flight from Barcelona, we had arrived to Madrid , the capital of Spain. Madrid is a heart of the Spain, I will aspect many happening and people here. Every time we travel, we will like to visit the capital of that country, it is because we think most of the greatest sources, entertainments, attraction spots and special identities will be concentrated in the capital. Ya, it is not wrong, but may be it was only true if we say it in last 50 years. Globalization has almost brought the identity to every city, shopping centre, Starbuck, branded shop, international style high-rise, pubs, metro line and so on. However, each city still remain their own unique life-style and culture. For me, the events of the people was more attraction then the physical structure in Madrid.


In fact this kind of view I have been captured many times in different cities 

The most famous bear bear in Madrid 

Monday, April 7

Barcelona's photos

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Spain 6 days trip...西班牙旅记 part2(updated)

Beside the tourist attraction spot in Barcelona, the life of the people and culture are a fascinating experience as well. I would like to share some photos that captured on the detail scale of the city. 


1. Coffee shop
 I think most of the places in the world people will have a common sense of 'a cup of coffee' in the morning. Here, when you ask for a coffee, they will give you Espresso (Kopi O' in Malaysia) The right term here is ' Coffee with Milk' . Beside, I found a habit of most of people here, mostly three major thing their like to do here in the morning coffee shop: News paper, Coffee, and Smoking. 


2. Pocket garden
This morning I walk on the street, there does has some pocket garden in middle of the street.
And I met this group of golden age people, they were playing a steel ball game. They so enjoytheir retire life in this little green place in the middle of the street.

3. La Rambla Street 
The varies street performers is a iconic culture of spain, mostly they act like a statue or make some fun when people out money in their mug. And the performer that I showed about was the most creative and popular in the street. If he be paid, he always makes fun with people like kisses you scares you and hung you, so funny!

(Above & below) captured at Street La Ramble 

4. Boqueria Market

Wet market! Long time didn't see any wet market since I were in Edinburgh. Boqueria Market has a fascinating sensation around. It located at the side of Barcelona most famous street, La Ramble, actually the market was much more older than the performers street now. The market's entrance is hanging its own full name called "St. Josep. La Boqueria." In Spanish the St. Josep mean the existing location and the La Boqueri is mean butcher's or meat-cutting table (hehe....because inside got a lot of butchers')


5. Barcelona waterfront: Ramble de Mar
The waterfront was built during the 1992 Olympic game in Barcelona. Architect-designed walkway and landscape provide a impressive open space for us to rest, walk, or just has a cup of coffee along the seaside. You will feel very pleasing, and so much silence out there when you sit on the bench look toward to the sea.....